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I Returned Home, Much Older After Crossing The World Below are the 2 most recent journal entries recorded in the "sete_di_sangue" journal:
January 7th, 2009
04:26 pm


Icon Love...
...This is my new favorite thing.


Ok, in Toronto.

Things have been happening, but I'm not adding to that damn list.

overall, life is good. Except for the inevitable death of my GPA.


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May 7th, 2007
07:58 pm


So... this week's been okay.

Monday was relaxing, except I can't remember what I did.
Tuesday I had my choral concert, which was good. Nine songs, well worth it. I'm going to miss choir so much. The.. release I got from singing. How relaxed I felt. I also sprained my ankle.

The particularly stupid part about the ankle was that, 45 minutes beforehand, I had my choral rehersal. Went well, I was protecting my voice and drinking fluids and being generally good to my voice. So, in dance class, i took a STEP back. Not even dancing, a step! And I fell down on my ass. Twisted up my ankle and ended up going to the concert on crutches. People were very.. amused/exasperated at the whole deal. None of you can leave me alone for 5 minutes y'know. Props and thanks to Corey, Andrew, Michael, Reece, and Amanda for helping me up and down stairs. And props to Dyanna for teaching me how to use my crutches.

Wednesday I crutched about some more, and then I got tired of it and took them off. Walked 10 blocks to prove I could.

Thursday was uneventful, to my memory. And Friday was senior cut day. I went to manhatten and looked for prom shoes and rehersal dinner stuff. I think I found the shoes I want, if I get them. Nice as hell, but my ankle hurt a bit after (not supposed to wear heels when you've twisted an ankle).
Saturday and Sunday I hung out with Daniel, played the cello, saw Spiderman 3, and mourned the end of playoffs for the Rangers. We tried. Better luck next year.

Today.. *shrug* Exams tomorrow. I'm stressed as hell. But i'll manage. Thanks Amanda, again, for making me feel better.

Okay.. random question thing, because I'm curious...

If you all had one wish, for anything... what would it be?

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